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St.John’s Herbal Oil – cantarion 50 ml


A blend from St.John’s flowers in olive oil.

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· Medicinal oils

This medicinal oil has a beneficial effect on many parts of our body and regenerates the body in various ways:

– Has antibacterial and antiviral activity
– Great for boosting immunity
– Suitable for massages, piercing pain and pinched nerves
– Excellent skin regeneration (helps with skin infections, wounds, bruises, and burns)
– Boosts your metabolism, regenerates the digestive, urinary, respiratory and sexual system
– Purifies blood and blood plasma
– Helps with gout, Crohn’s disease, herpes, asthma and bacterial infections
– Relieves symptoms of depression

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, St.John’s herbal oil (Hypericumperforatum)

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Additional information

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