Nono Remiđo extra virgin olive oil is among the best in the world!
FLOS OLEI has declared Istria as the world’s best olive growing region in 2020, and our oil is listed among the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, out of a total 500 that were published in the publication.

Flos Olei is a popular worldwide guide and is considered to be the bible of extra virgin olive oils. The 10th jubilee publication included as many as 81 oils from Croatia, and including 79 samples from Istria and two from Dalmatia.

One of these excellent and successful olive oils is Nono Remiđo. Our olive oil met the strict criteria of a professionally international panel, to which we had to submit a sample for an organoleptic analysis. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are part of an incredible Mediterranean story for which we will receive special recognition and proudly include it among our other awards.

And what is the taste of extra virgin olive oil from one of the best olive oil growers in the world? Try it yourself, because the blend and monosort oils can are available on our webshop – we deliver to your address within just a few business days. Find them here…