New oil refinery

The construction of a new oil mill for even finer drops extra virgin olive oil
This year is the last in our first oil mill. Following the 2019 harvest, with a focus on the absolute quality of our extra virgin olive oil production, we are announcing 2020 as a significant turning point in production!

To meet the high demand for our olive oils, in September 2019, we began construction of the new Nono Remiđo oil mill on new land. The specialized Italian manufacturer, MORITERM SRL, is the manufacturer of this new oil mill. With the new oiler come new possibilities, one of which is a higher processing capacity. This new mill will increase productivity from 500kg/h from our current oil mill to as high as 1,000kg/h.

With the new oil mill, argon is also introduced as a neutral gas that protects olives in processing and oxygen tanks. It is substantially better for treating oil than nitrogen because argon has a considerably higher density and thus better protects the oil from oxidation. We know that nobody likes to wait a long time, and the same goes for olives – another essential element for maintaining quality during the processing is that it is done within just a few hours of harvesting. Waiting 12 or more hours for processing degrades the olives, and unwanted oxidation may become present.

We will hold on to the technical details until the opening. Yet, we will boast a bit about how the new Nono Remiđo oil mill will have two vertical separators (horizontal oil separators) for post-processing and clarifying oil instead of filtration.

The 400m2 area of the oil mill will contain an enclosed olive storage area that will be sufficient for all planned activities, an oil storage facility, and a laboratory. The oil factory itself will be equipped so that it can be used to test the oil produced, but also to be visited by interested tour groups – anyone who wants to visit the oil mill and taste our fine oils will be able to!

The completion is expected to be in the summer of 2020, and the oil mill will begin its production for the harvest at the end of September 2020. When it is ready to provide olive oil production services, we will offer family farms the opportunity to turn their newly harvested olives into liquid gold.

Our new oil mill is funded through the Rural Development Program.

2020 will be a truly fruitful year for us!